In light of the recent article in the Globe & Mail on the SDTC funding halt for all new projects until corrective measures are taken by its board, Canada Cleantech Alliance would like to highlight the need to implement the corrective measures swiftly so that funding can begin to flow again and that disruption to the cleantech ecosystem is minimized.

The speed of the process is crucial for the cleantech ecosystem so projects aimed at accelerating the climate transition won’t be compromised. A delay of a few months can be a death sentence for a cleantech startup. A predictable, stable business climate is crucial for all companies and especially for startups. As part of their application, affected cleantech companies would have secured industry partners to advance technology development and would have critical milestones as they work to commercialize their technology. 

SDTC’s funding programmes are of utmost importance for the ecosystem. The agency has been playing a vital role for Canadian climate innovation and the successful deployment of Canadian cleantech at home and abroad. It is a key driver of Canada’s transition to net zero. 

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