Fact Sheets


Did you know that Canada’s cleantech sector is highly competitive on a global scale? Take a look at the fact sheets below, compiled by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) and Export Development Canada (EDC) to learn more about Canadian companies and solutions that are leading the way in international technology exports. Canadian made cleantech solutions are available to a variety of industries including Oil & Gas, Transportation, Mining as well as Energy & Electricity Production. Most of the fact sheets are available in English and French.

Below the fact sheets, you will find the most relevant reports and government resources for our sector. The list is work in progress and not exhaustive.

Cleantech Facts & Figures


Exports reached $11.9 billion in 2019
>target: 2x/20 billion by 2025


The global cleantech market is projected to exceed roughly $3.3 trillion by next year


The global cleantech sector is projected to employ 28 million people globally by 2050

Reports & Government Resources

Export Development Canada (EDC)

Canada’s Cleantech Future

L’avenir du secteur canadien des technologies propres

EDC’s Cleantech Economics Report

Rapport Économique Technologies Propres

Canada’s Economic Strategy Table on Cleantech

Report from Canada’s Economic Strategy Tables: Clean Technology

Rapport des Tables de stratégies économiques du Canada : Technologies propres

Task Force for a Resilient Recovery

In its final report, the Task Force for a Resilient Recovery calls for 5 bold moves, supported by $55.4 billion in investments, to kickstart Canada’s long-term economic recovery from COVID-19.

Bridge to the Future

The Clean Growth Hub

The federal ecosystem of support for clean technology

Écosystème fédéral pour l’appui aux technologies propres