Budget 2023

Key Policy Recommendations

At a glance: Increase competitiveness, level the playing field, secure domestic manufacturing

For the 2023 Budget, Canada Cleantech Alliance proposes the following: 

1. An expansion of the 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC)
2. A Manufacturing Investment Tax Credit (MITC) modelled on the U.S. 45X MPTC and 48C ITC

Why is this important?

Both mechanisms combined fill an important policy gap which can prevent Canada’s world-leading cleantech companies from moving their businesses and manufacturing activities to the U.S.

  • Cleantech tax incentives are crucial for clean growth as they increase the flow of private capital into cleantech and support decarbonization efforts without increasing costs for industry. 
  • The two suggested tax incentives will help Canada keep pace with other jurisdictions, especially the U.S., and keep our cleantech manufacturers in the country.
  • They will benefit both emerging and established clean technologies and strengthen Canada’s cleantech sector  – a strategic and fast-growing global sector.


Martin Vroegh, CEO, Hydrogenii

John Zambakkides, President & CEO, Z3 Controls Inc

Richard Corley, Partner, Goodmans LLP

Ibraheem Khan, CEO, Smarter Alloys

Robert Napoli, CFO, Cascadia Seaweed Corp.

Gavin A Pitchford, Executive Director, Canada’s Clean50

Paul Mertes, President & CEO, CircuitMeter Inc.

Miriam Tuerk, Co Founder & CEO, Clear Blue Technologies Inc.

Tasha Nathanson, Founder/CEO, 7 Leagues Leather

Logan JM Ashley, Owner, Adaptive Homes

Richard Egli, CEO, Alacrity Canada

Amir Akbari, CEO, anessa

Scott Atkinson, Publisher, Annex Business Media

Paul Stevers, President & CEO Integrated ClimateTech (iClimateTech)

Osayuki Osazuwa, CEO, Jeosal Materials Research Corporation

Randy Rutherford, Project Development Lead, Kanin Energy

Boyd Davis, Principal, Kingston Process Metallurgy Inc.

Michael Dennis, General Partner, Last40 Ventures

Ticia Heward, President & CEO, Legacy Watercare Innovations

Sasha Rollings-Scattergood, VP, Technology, Anaergia Inc.

Ray Paiement, CEO / Founder, FORM – PolarBlock

Jenn Billesberger, Executive Director / Founder, FORM – PolarBlock

Tim Sutherns, President, Digital Water Solutions Inc.

Maxim Bergeron, CEO,Glacies Technologies

Ahmad Ghahreman, CEO, Cyclic Materials

Colin Patterson, Director of Finance, Borealis Wind

Philippe Leclerc, Directeur de projet Services, LAh S.E.N.C.

Yuri Mytko, Chief Marketing Officer, CarbiCrete

Nikoo Asadi, Director of Operations, MacKinnon Bennett & Company Inc.

Jesse Teichman, Partner, MacKinnon, Bennett & Co.

Valérie Bridger, Director, Communication & Marketing, DBO Expert

Bryan Watson, SVP, Venbridge

John Kozak, COO, Solar Flow-Through Funds

Bryan Duarte, Managing Partner, BlackTech Capital

Nima Alib, CEO, BKR Energy


Ivette Vera-Perez, President & CEO, Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association

Mike Warren, Dir. Business Development (Mining), EnviroLeach Technologies Inc.

Jeanette Jackson, CEO, Foresight Canada

Peter McArthur, Chair, Ontario Clean Technology Industry Association (OCTIA)

Denis Leclerc, President, Écotech Québec

Stewart Elgie, Chair, Smart Prosperity Institute

Christian Carrier, Vice-président, Technology & Innovation, Carboniq inc.

Aaron Morrison, President & CEO, Chaoticwaters Inc.

Martin J Yuill, Executive Director, Cleantech Commons at Trent University

Graham Schmidt, CFO, CVTCorp

James Larsen, CEO, e-Zinc

Graham Clarke, Director, Finance and Operations, Ecosystem Informatics Inc.

Connie Ekelund, CEO, NanoTerraTech Advanced Materials Inc.

Nani Pradeepan, Managing Director, New Dawn Energy Solutions

Robert Murphy, CEO, Othersphere

Sasan Pasha, CEO, SensoDrive Technology

Fabian de la Fuente, CEO, Solaires Entreprises Inc.

Joseph Hundert, CEO, Sustainitech Inc.

Arman Ghasaei, Founder and CEO, EdgeTunePower Inc.

Jacques Lapierre, CEO, BGI Analytics

Michel Laforest, Président, WASTE ROBOTICS

Guy Painchaud, Président, Eolectric

Kathleen Dubé, Business Development, Groupe Ramo

Peter Ficocelli, CEO, LxNGen Inc

Thomas Boisvert St-Arnaud, Vice-president, Induktion

Gaëtan HUGOT, President, Splitom

Vincent Paradis, Business, Development Director, HRVST Limited

Colin Armstrong, President & CEO, HTEC

Saul Muskin, Senior Associate, MacKinnon, Bennett & Co.

Ian Chodikoff, Director, buildNEXT

Sylvain Bertrand, COO, Airex Energy

Alexander Rink, CEO, Rink Ventures

Eric Beaupré, President and CEO, Technosub

Richard Cloutier, Associé directeur, Fonds Ecofuel I SEC

Christie Sirois, Associate, MKB

Francois Byrne, CEO, Hybrid Power Solutions

Azam Khan, CEO, Trax

Lauren McGuire, VP Relationship Management, RBCx

Bryan Watson, Managing Director, CleanTech North

C. Howie Honeyman, CEO, Forward Water Technologies

Terry Mocherniak, Managing Director, Apex Capital Advisors Inc.

Hui Huang Hoe, Executive Director, elerGreen Industry

Merran Smith, Executive Director, Clean Energy Canada

James Aein, CEO, Enerza Inc

Ralph, CEO, Farment

Cam Baker, CEO, Fortress Control Inc

Martin Pochtaruk, President, Heliene Inc

Kristy Ehman, CEO, Hyon Software Inc

Patrick Lemieux, CEO, INHUB FARMS

Timothy Davies, CEO, Innervsion Wellbore Technologies


Bhupinder Bhullar, CEO, Swiss Vault

Carter Li, CEO, SWTCH Energy Inc.

Kahlil Baker, CEO, Taking Root

Denis Sirois, VP, Telesystem Ltd

Trevor Burgess, CEO, VoltSafe Inc.

Elisa Obermann, Executive Director, Marine Renewables Canada

Pierre Carabin, CTO and Chief Strategist, PyroGenesis Canada Inc.

Floréal Villanova, CEO,Solutions Otonomi

David Clarke, Head, Government Affairs, TMX Group

Mustapha Ouyed, Vice-Président Exécutif, Groupe ONYM

Dr S. Steven Petrone, CEO, Quantiam Technologies Inc.

Richard Legault, CEO,Eocycle Technologies inc.

Janice Tran, CEO, Kanin Energy Inc.

Marie Josée Lamothe, President, Northex Environnement inc

Michel Brutti, CEO, Clear Skies Investment Management

Vivian Koen, Partner, MacKinnon, Bennett & Co.

Antonio Galan, CEO, AllGaea Technologies Inc.

Claude Maheux-Picard, CEO, Centre de transfert technologique en écologie industrielle

Mitchell Scott, CEO, The Better Butchers


Marty Reed, Partner, Evok Innovations

Bryan Duarte, President & CEO, Enliten Energy Services Corporation

Kostyantyn Khomutov, CEO, GBatteries

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