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Policy Platform 2021

Key Policy Recommendations

At a glance: Reduce risk, level the playing field, and increase Canada’s global competitiveness.

The Canada Cleantech Alliance has identified 3 high-priority policy recommendations that will contribute to making Canada a frontrunner in the race against climate change, and the best place on earth to develop clean technology. We ask that they be considered in the federal election platforms of our national political parties:

1. Reduce risk by including Crown corporations in the Greening Government Strategy.

Government procurement helps minimize the risk of investment in cleantech by reducing financial exposure of private-sector purchasers. Including Crown corporations to the Greening Government Strategy will add their significant purchasing power and create opportunities to pilot cleantech in a Canadian market.  A “buy-Canadian” stipulation will help support a wide-range of domestic cleantech companies. Through this policy, the government can encourage growth in the domestic cleantech sector.

2. Level the playing field with our competitors.

The world’s major economies have passed massive green stimulus packages that benefit their cleantech ventures and are aimed at attracting cleantech ventures to locate where the business climate is friendliest. To keep cleantech companies, jobs, and economic benefits in Canada we can:

  • Implement a 30% refundable capital investment tax credit for any significant low carbon or clean technology

  • Broaden the scope of the Canadian Renewable Conservation Expense (CRCE) to include all significant clean technologies

3. Position Canada as a cleantech leader and go-to exporter of low-carbon commodities and products

Increase the global competitiveness of Canada’s export industries (automotive, natural resources, agriculture, etc.) by reducing their carbon footprint through the adoption of Canadian made cleantech solutions across the value chain. This can position Canada as the go-to exporter for low-carbon commodities and products. The following three ideas will start us on that path:

  • Identify and support Canadian clean technologies that are important to help manufacturers lower carbon emissions. This would enable clean technology companies grow their market share, but also help decarbonize Canada’s top exporters, helping them reduce their carbon footprint and fight climate change both at home and abroad.
  • Extend the Canadian Infrastructure Bank’s mandate to administer an encompassing Loan Guarantee Program (LGP), that includes loan guarantees for cleantech projects abroad. We recommend that such a Loan Guarantee Program includes flexible, customized financing according to the borrowers’ needs. Projects should be supported by a team of experienced financial, technical, legal, risk mitigation, portfolio management, and environmental professionals.

List of Supporters

Matt Schaubroeck, CEO, ioAirFlow Incorporated

Martin Vroegh, President, Standard Hydrogen Canada Inc.

Michael Zambakkides, EVP, Z3 Controls Inc

Mark Herbert Kirby, President & CEO, Canadian Hydrogen And Fuel Cell Association, CFHCA

Erick Girouard, President/Owner, Emcara Gas Development Inc.

Richard Corley, Partner, Goodmans LLP

Ibraheem Khan, CEO, Smarter Alloys

Robert Napoli, CFO, Cascadia Seaweed Corp.

Saul Muskin, Associate, MKB

Graham Zell, Operations Engineer, Sea to Sky Energy Solutions

Gavin A Pitchford, Delta Management Group

Nicholas Burgwin, Co-Founder, Fibos Inc.

Gavin A Pitchford, Executive Director, Canada’s Clean50

Andrew Lee, President, Innovia GEO Corp.

Paul Mertes, President & CEO, CircuitMeter Inc.

Pierre Martin, Senior Director, Green Hydrogen, Innergex Renewables Inc

Miriam Tuerk, Co Founder & CEO, Clear Blue Technologies Inc.

Jacques Charbin, President, TBL Communications

Ivette Vera-Perez, National Team Lead, Account Management , Mitacs

Ali Katal, COO, Planete GreenLeaves

Nino Di Cara, President, Electric Autonomy Canada

Mike Warren, Dir. Business Development (Mining), EnviroLeach Technologies Inc.

Sonia Motisca, Cleantech Marketing Coordinator, Alacrity Canada

Jeanette Jackson, CEO, Foresight Canada

Jason Switzer, VP Growth & Capital, Foresight Canada

Heather Campbell, Executive Director, Clean Technology, Alberta Innovates

Anne Toner Fung, CEO, Innovation Guelph

Peter McArthur, Chair, Ontario Clean Technology Industry Association (OCTIA)

Denis Leclerc, President, Écotech Québec

Stewart Elgie, Chair, Smart Prosperity Institute

John Kozak, Vice President, Solar Flow-Through Funds

Andrée-Lise Méthot, Founder & Managing Partner, Cycle Capital

Patrick Gagné, President and CEO, Cycle Momentum

Christian Carrier, VP, Technology and Innovation, Carbonaxion Bioénergies Inc.

Darren Anderson, CEO, Vive Crop Protection

Derek Earl, Founder and Chair, BizforClimate

Rob McMonagle, Senior Advisor, Green Industries Economic Development, City of Toronto

Bryan Watson, Managing Director, CleanTech North

Nkemdirim, Environment & Clean Technologies Specialist, Refic Environment Communications Inc.

C. Howie Honeyman, CEO, Forward Water Technologies

Terry Mocherniak, Managing Director, Apex Capital Advisors Inc.

Hui Huang Hoe, Executive Director, elerGreen Industry

Shirley Segev, CEO, Greenmark

Rick Findlay, CEO, LINCit

Melissa Felder, Principal, Consultant

Merran Smith, Executive Director, Clean Energy Canada

Justin Rangooni, Executive Director, Energy Storage Canada

Andrew Pasternak, Executive Director, GreenCentre Canada

Michael Schwanzer, Founder / CEO, ZEITDICE INC.

Barnabe Geis, Executive Director, Climate Ventures

Dave Taillefer, President, Icona Inc.

Mohit Bhatt, Co-Founder, Accurate Energy Solutions Inc.

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